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Syntegon sells its 300th Packaging System for Bars

Eleven years after its launch, Syntegon recently sold its 300th bar packaging system – ample cause for celebration at the Beringen site in Switzerland. The packaging line’s success is the result of seamless system integration and continuous improvement. This has also been recognized by Biscuits Leclerc, the Canadian food manufacturer and purchaser of the 300th system.

Seamless integration of proven machines

When Syntegon first introduced the bar packaging system at the 2011 interpack trade show, the company pursued an innovative approach: the individual machines were to be linked by a common operator interface to ensure optimal product flow. The original system consisted of a DFR accumulator, Sigpack HRM form, fill and seal machine and Sigpack TTM topload cartoner. Today, further components can be added seamlessly, such as an Elematic case packer – a combination of proven machines for the efficient packaging of bars at a maximum output of 1,500 products and 200 cartons per minute.

In 2014 and 2017, new product feeding modules based on the new and particularly flexible linear motor technology were added – the Sigpack FIT and the Sigpack PFI. Since the end of 2019, it has also been possible to add the new Sigpack DCIE gentle distribution station for sensitive products such as cereal bars. Most recently, the “paper-ON-form” retrofit kit for horizontal form, fill and seal machines was integrated into the bar system to provide food companies with sustainable paper packaging options. “Our customers appreciate the fact that we continue to develop our seamlessly integrated bar system, enabling even smoother production processes,” says Bruno Oberle, managing director of the site in Beringen and vice president, food horizontal packaging of Syntegon.

Flexible changeovers for different pack sizes and shapes

Since the sales launch of the bar system, 300 lines have been installed, impressing customers with their high overall line efficiency. In addition to centralized control of all modules via a shared user interface, gentle handling is a key advantage; another is its flexibility, as Emilie Allen, Vice President for Projects and Logistics at Biscuits Leclerc, emphasizes: “We don’t want to buy a new machine every time we launch a new product. It’s convenient that we can easily change tools and process different packaging sizes and styles on one line.” The bar system also offers Leclerc format flexibility and a high level of automation.

“Every day, we work on offering our customers a bar system that is ideally suited to their needs, even eleven years after the launch. And I am sure we will enjoy hundreds more successes,” says Oberle.