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tna Launches robag 3e VFFS Packaging Solution

The robag 3e – tna’s latest iteration of its flagship vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system – features integrated control and a refined design for easy control and maintenance on the go.

Featuring a new CXE integrated display controller, smart diagnostic tools, and intuitive time-saving components, the system is capable of delivering up to 250 bags per minute (bpm) with wastage as low as 0.1%, alongside enhanced serviceability.

According to a press statement from Alf Taylor, managing director & CEO at tna, the new machinery incorporates unparalleled diagnostics for electrical components, streamlines the cable architecture, and is assembled with fewer parts than its predecessors – all while maintaining the small footprint, speed, and efficiency.

Expanded Connectivity and Simpler Servicing

The simplicity of the new tna robag 3e VFFS packaging solution makes it easy to operate, service, and maintain. Featuring EtherCAT real-time protocol and an integrated display controller system, this latest tna robag reduces cabling infrastructure by 20%, enabling easier servicing and lower total installed costs.

The new system shares common core components with tna roflo distribution conveyors and the tna intelli-flav seasoning system reducing the need for additional spare parts stocking, and features integrated LED lighting in the packaging jaw area to make maintenance safer and easier to perform. Equipped with smart diagnostics and remote connectivity, the tna robag 3e also offers real-time communication and status updates, enabling faster global servicing support.

“Food manufacturers are experiencing greater challenges than ever before and must therefore find new ways to improve operational efficiencies,” Taylor added. “In an age of digital transformation and remote services, connectivity is king – intelligent communication between packaging systems and their auxiliary equipment allows operators to make their lines work even more efficiently, improving ROI.”

Featuring reliable new stainless-steel reinforced doors and tunnel guards, along with an integrated film cutting and dispensing component, tna robag 3e delivers maximum efficiency and enhanced energy savings throughout its lifetime, resulting in a more sustainable packaging operation.