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ProAmpac and Sammi Partner to Launch Sustainable Fibre-based Packaging

ProAmpac has teamed up with sandwich brand Sammi to launch a fibre-based modified atmosphere sandwich pack (MAP).

ProAmpac is launching its fibre-based MAP RAP Sandwich Wedge in the North American market, in an effort “to innovate the food-to-go packaging landscape,” said the company. Specifically designed for sandwiches and wraps, this patented technology blends modified atmosphere packaging with predominantly fibre materials.

The ProAmpac RAP Sandwich Wedge integrates a carton board framework with a thin transparent film liner, enhancing product preservation and visibility. Engineered for airtight sealing, the solution uses high-barrier technology to improve freshness, prolong product shelf-life and reduce food spoilage expenses.

“Sustainability lies at the heart of ProAmpac’s business strategy,” said Chad Murdock, president of ProAmpac’s fibre business. “Our collaboration with Sammi underscores ProAmpac’s commitment to helping customers meet their sustainability objectives with high-performance packaging.”

“Customers love that Sammi sandwiches are not just healthy and delicious, but the fibre-based packaging is what truly sets Sammi apart,” Joel Simpler, founder of Sammi. “The packaging also provides us with design and branding options that simply weren’t available before, like devoting an entire panel to why sustainability is important. This sentiment is also resonating with consumers and they’re contacting us regularly to say so. Sammi Sandwiches and our sustainable packaging is the future of grab-and-go in the US.”