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Upfield Launches Waterproof and Oil-proof Recyclable Paper Spread Packaging

Upfield has recently unveiled the new Flora spread packaging created in collaboration with Footprint as a plastic-free solution that will greatly increase the product’s eco-friendly nature.

The packaging is made using compressed wet paper fiber that’s formed into a rigid structure perfect for holding the namesake brand’s signature spread. The packaging is waterproof and oil-proof, but still capable of being recycled through curbside paper collection. The packaging has received the Conventional Plastic Free Certification and is crafted with paper from a PEFC-certified supplier.

Group CEO at Upfield David Haines spoke on the new Flora packaging saying, “When we established Upfield, innovating our way out of plastic tubs was our moon-shot and I am very proud of all Upfielders that continue to work towards this goal. Consumers today demand products that benefit both people and the planet. Our plant butters and spreads do exactly that. We’re excited about the potential to launch this across our most iconic brands in some of our most important markets.”