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Faller Packaging Unveils Recyclable, Tamper-Evident Label for Pharmaceuticals

Faller Packaging recently announced the introduction of a recyclable, fibre-based, semi-transparent label, designed with tamper-proof features and first-opening indication, setting a new standard in packaging security and environmental responsibility. This pioneering solution, aimed at enhancing product safety while championing the cause of a circular economy, marks a significant stride towards a more sustainable future.

A Leap Forward in Packaging Security

Crafted from pure cellulose fibres sourced from sustainable forestry, this label stands out for its lack of chemical additives, making it biodegradable and fully recyclable. What’s more, its compliance with the EN 16679:2014 standard for tamper evidence ensures that it can reveal any prior opening of the packaging. This feature offers an added layer of protection for pharmaceutical products and brands, safeguarding against tampering and counterfeits. The use of an acrylate-based adhesive prevents the label from being removed without leaving residue, further enhancing the security of the packaged goods.

Integration and Compatibility

One of the label’s most commendable qualities is its transparency and compatibility with existing packaging designs, ensuring seamless integration into manufacturing processes. The label’s innovative design also echoes the broader industry effort led by companies such as Securikett and Schreiner MediPharm, who have been instrumental in developing tamper-proof solutions for packaging security. Together, these advancements contribute significantly to promoting a circular economy by enhancing product safety and sustainability.