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Schubert Breaks Ground on its Largest Building Project

Two and a half years ago, the state road between Crailsheim and Dinkelsbühl was relocated to make way for packaging machine manufacturer Schubert’s planned new building. Construction work is now beginning on the largest investment in the company’s history. Schubert is building a new final assembly hall with an office wing at a cost of EUR38m and to be completed by June 2023.

“We are very pleased that a large family-owned company like Schubert is investing in this location and providing many new jobs in our city with the new building,” says Jörg Steuler, Crailsheim’s Construction Mayor.

“The expansion will open up space for 300 employees,” says Peter Schubert, who, as assistant to his father Ralf Schubert, Managing Partner at the company, is also involved in the project’s technical organization in addition to engineering and design.

Sustainability also played a major role in planning the new building. “We want to produce and manufacture in an entirely CO2-neutral way by the end of 2023, so the building will be equipped with a sustainable energy concept,” explains Ralf Schubert. After the geothermal energy already installed on the company premises was no longer approved at the site due to new regulations, the packaging machine manufacturer decided to use ice storage technology for heating and cooling. A photovoltaic system with an output of roughly 400 kWp (kilowatts-peak) will also be installed on the roof of the new building. “The objective is for the new hall to be operated in a climate-neutral manner,” he continues.