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GEA Introduces New SmartFil M1 Powder Packaging System


Technology group GEA has introduced a new powder packaging system, dubbed GEA SmartFil M1, for dairies, food and pet food producers.

Designed for dairy and food powders or granules, the new packaging line offers a range of filling configurations to meet the various requirements of the food, dairy and pet food industry for low-capacity applications.

The new system, which provides a compact and flexible low rate packing process, is suitable for companies operating in emerging markets, low volume producers and pilot plants. With an option of over 100 possible variants, the GEA SmartFil M1 provides flexibility to be configured suitable for any application ranging from dry, fine powders to coarse granular products.

GEA has designed the new machine to provide a nominal filling capacity of 120 bags per hour or three tons per hour at 25kg product size. The company is also offering an optional de-aeration probe in the system for improved consolidation of the product based on the requirement.

Customers are having the flexibility to select packaging for open-mouth bags, boxes or drums of varying sizes, said the company.

The system also offers continuous heat-sealing with glue reactivation or with sewing for open-mouth bags, and impulse sealing for hermetic sealing of plastic packaging. Its built-in height-adjustable conveyor system facilitates fast and simple packaging changes, as well as enables the operator to work at an ergonomic height. The integrated control panel enables to easily reconfigure the process for the activation of new functions when required.

The system can also be configured for the packaging of granular products such as dried pet food into laminated paper/polypropylene sacks, which need a sewn closure.

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