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Cadbury to Use 30% Recycled Plastic Packaging

Cadbury is supporting emerging recycling technology to source soft plastic packaging that contains recycled content. Its Dairy Milk, Caramilk and Old Gold family blocks range will be wrapped in 30% recycled plastic, in place of its traditional single-use material.

The switch will see more than 120 tonnes of packaging waste diverted from landfill. The packaging is more sustainable with the same look and feel, carrying the purple colours and distinctive markers and preserving the chocolate’s taste, texture and shape.

There is a QR code on the pack, providing more information about the packaging innovation and how the company is supporting a circular economy for packaging.

Mondelēz International CEO Dirk Van de Put said Australia was leading the way in finding solutions for a circular economy for packaging waste.

“Until recently, soft plastic packaging has been considered a single-use material,” Van de Put said. “The development of advanced recycling technology and our significant investment in recycled soft plastic means it’s now possible for Cadbury fans to enjoy their favorite treats more sustainably here in Australia.”

The chocolate maker has sourced 120 tonnes of recycled content from overseas but says this announcement sends a signal to market that there is demand for recycled soft plastic packaging to be produced locally in Australia.

Australian Food and Grocery Council CEO Tanya Barden said: “Soft plastic packaging plays an important role — it keeps food fresh, reduces food waste and helps keep products safe. However, Australia currently lacks the ability to recycle soft plastic packaging back into food-safe packaging. Through the AFGC, food and grocery manufacturers are taking the lead in helping to create a circular economy for soft plastics here in Australia.”

Today’s milestone coincides with the anniversary of Cadbury’s 100 years of Australian manufacturing. Its Hobart factory produces 60,000 tonnes — more than 200 million blocks of chocolate for Australia and export markets.

The first family blocks to include recycled soft plastic in their packaging are being delivered to major retailers and supermarkets across Australia this week.