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Coveris Launches Fully Recyclable Rice Packs for Aldi

Coveris has teamed up with one of the UK’s largest rice suppliers Veetee to launch fully recyclable packaging for Aldi’s own-brand rice. Supporting the retailer’s aim for 100% of its own-label packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of the year, the launch of Coveris’ fully recyclable MonoFlexE for two SKUs is a significant development in the rice category.

Previously packed in a non-recyclable, OPP to PE mixed laminate, Aldi has switched to Coveris’ fully recyclable MonoFlexE monomaterial PE to PE laminate packaging for their own-brand Worldwide Foods 1kg basmati rice and 1kg brown rice SKUs. The move to MonoFlexE will enable circa. 30 tons of film to enter the soft plastic recycling stream annually. The MonoFlexE packaging launched in January 2022 for 50% of the two SKUs, with the remaining 50% to switch throughout January and February.

The launch of MonoFlexE packaging for rice is the result of two-year development project with Veetee. Packed in the same block bottom, FFS (form, fill seal) format, MonoFlexE for rice has been developed with like-for-like shelf-life properties and packing speeds as the former mixed laminate substrate. Coveris has used its pioneering extrusion and film science capabilities to support the performance, functionality and clarity of the recyclable MonoFlexE rice packaging. MonoFlexE rice packaging is available with up to nine colour HD flexo print and gloss or matt varnish for on-shelf appeal.

Engaging consumers with clear communication about its recyclability, the packaging artwork has been updated for the launch and features the retailer’s highly visible recycling logo on the front, supported by OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) recycling guidance on the back.

Richard Gorman, Plastics and Packaging Director at Aldi UK, said: “We are always open to innovative solutions to reducing plastic waste, so we are pleased to work with Coveris and Veetee to launch our own-brand rice in fully recyclable packaging, which marks a further step towards achieving our plastic and packaging goals.”

Raghu Bansal, Production Engineer for Veetee, said “This successful, collaborative project with Coveris has helped deliver another exciting step in Veetee’s journey to fully reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging materials. It’s a great success for the category.”

Mark Robinson, Coveris’ UK Flexibles Technical Director, said: “Aligned with Coveris’ sustainability strategy NO WASTE, we continue to use film science technology to advance our recyclable flexible films into new categories. The launch of MonoFlexE for Aldi rice following a successful, collaborative project with Veetee is a breakthrough for this market and we can be very proud to work with Aldi and Veetee to innovate packaging for improved recycling.”