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Antalis Solves Retailer’s Egg Packaging Challenge


Online ordering of fresh ingredient meal kits has soared over the past few years and is predicted to grow a further 9.78% in the UK between now and 2027.

Antalis Packaging’s client, whose meal kits contain all-fresh ingredients, was dissatisfied with their existing packaging for individual hens’ eggs. The die-cut box took over 40 seconds to assemble and pack; with over 8,000 eggs per week sometimes being sent, it was both laborious and costly.

Antalis’ solution was a moulded, self-locking, pulp-based box that could be assembled and packed in under 10 seconds. In addition to the time savings, the new packaging that was designed in Antalis’ Smart Packaging Centre and manufactured in collaboration with Ezee Group International, used 20% less packaging material and, because a pallet contains 25% more units than the original packaging, the company was also able to reduce costs and carbon footprint associated with the transport of packaging materials.

It has also recently won the Silver Medal in the ‘Pack Design of The Year’ category at The Grocer New Product and Packaging Awards in November this year.

Account Manager at Antalis Packaging, Stacey McDonald, comments: “The packaging of individual eggs for safe transit must be one of the more challenging projects I have worked on, but the results we achieved for the client made all of the effort worthwhile. When we are working to identify or develop a new packaging solution, sustainability is always a key criteria for us at Antalis, and it is always pleasing, as in this instance, to work with a client who shares those goals. The chosen solution wasn’t the lowest in price, but it was by far the most sustainable and actually delivers the greatest savings overall.”

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