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Faerch Launches New Circular Tumbler Range for the “To-Go” Beverage Market

Faerch Group, a leading rigid food packaging manufacturer and integrated recycler, announced the introduction of their new Tumbler range to the Food Service market. This new offering is designed with a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled material and a commitment to full recyclability.

According to the company, Faerch Group is dedicated to creating packaging solutions that prioritize recycled materials, ensuring they can be fully recycled into new food packaging in an endless number of cycles, all without compromising safety or functional properties.

David Lucas, Sales Director, Foodservice states, “Our latest product stands as a testament to our commitment to the environment and our customers’ evolving needs. This new range will seamlessly integrate a circular solution into your brand narrative, with the objective for our customers to capture a greater market share and consumer loyalty. Instead of taking more of the world’s resources, we should make better use of those we already have, again and again.”

The Tumbler range offers various capacities and includes four common lid designs to fit all tumblers. This not only simplifies supply chains but also creates versatility and a seamless user experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Faerch Group emphasizes the circularity of their recycled PET food packaging solutions. “The amount of recycled post-consumer content in food packaging is a key indicator of more efficient use of our existing materials, and consumers, as well as legislators, expect full transparency” says Lucas. With audited certification, Faerch eliminates any uncertainty surrounding the sustainability claims of their products.