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Tasteful Selections’ New 100% Plastic-free, Recyclable and Compostable Packaging


A major step forward in sustainable packaging has now been taken by Tasteful Selections because of its decision to launch a new 100% plastic-free, recyclable and compostable potato packaging in partnership with RPE.

The new innovation in paper packaging has improved package integrity and made the item more competitive with plastics, due to the fiber strength and “stretchable” advancements.

“This new paper packaging with PaperLock technology is a major step forward in sustainable packaging. It offers superior light protection and natural absorption characteristics that protect our potatoes and help keep plastic out of the waste stream,” said Tim Huffcutt, vice president, sales and marketing operations, cited by The Packer. “This means our customers and consumers can be confident that when they buy our potatoes not only will the product last longer but they will also be helping to give back to the environment.”

As stated in a recent press release, the launch of the new packaging was a long time coming for the Tasteful Selections line, as it has been exploring packaging innovations to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

“We were waiting to release the new line of packaging until we had the best product for our customers,” Huffcutt added. “When all is said and done, this new packaging technology gives more power to consumers to take sustainability into their own hands.”

Tasteful Selections is a leader in the bite-sized potato category and puts an emphasis on category innovation and sustainability.

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