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UK: Marks & Spencer Changes Sandwich Packaging in all Cafes this Month

Marks & Spencer has introduced new recyclable paper packaging across its range of sandwiches and toasties available in all M&S Cafés across the UK.

From this month, the entire range of M&S’ Café sandwiches and toasties will be available in easy to recycle FSC approved cardboard or paper packaging which uses 79% less plastic – but doesn’t compromise quality or customer selection. The small window allows customers to see the product inside but is accepted by recyclers to be recycled with paper in the paper waste stream.

With over 300 M&S Café’s across the UK, the change will remove an estimated 4.5 million units of plastic – 1.7 million across sandwiches and 2.8 million across toasties – supporting M&S’ Plan A target to remove 1 billion units of plastic packaging by 2027, on their roadmap to net zero by 2040.

Reducing plastic packaging is one of the key issues M&S customers care strongly about and the retailer has a leading track record of taking action. At the end of last year, M&S became the first national retailer to launch takeaway coffee cups, which are 100% recyclable in the paper waste stream and met their target to remove 75 million units in 2023/24 – four months earlier than planned.

Lucinda Langton, Head of Sustainability at M&S Food commented: “Our sandwiches and toasties in M&S Cafés are particularly popular options as customers look to sit down and relax when shopping with us. With a brand-new menu for 2024, came an opportunity to innovate in our packaging – removing and reducing unnecessary plastic, to lower our impact on the planet. We know plastic is an issue our customers care deeply about and this small change to packaging in our Café’s – with no compromise on quality or taste – will make a big impact on our Plan A roadmap to net zero.”

This month, M&S also launched its new Café menu for 2024 introducing a range of delicious and innovative options for customers, with more vegan and gluten-free options available than ever before. The new menu includes a gluten free Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Pesto Toastie (£6.50), Very Veggie vegan Toastie (£6.50), vegan Avocado & Rainbow Veg Sandwich (£6.00) as well as High Protein Maple Pancake Stack (£6.50), topped with 0% fat Greek yogurt and berries – perfect for health-conscious customers.