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Valio to Reduce the Amount of Plastic in Its Single-serving Packaging


Through a voluntary Green Deal agreement, Valio is committing to reduce the amount of plastic used in its single-use, single-serving packaging by 15% by the end of 2026 compared to 2022.

Valio will now package all Valio PROfeel quark products in recyclable paperboard cups. The change will result in 143 tonnes less plastic being used. According to Valio, this commitment contributes to their target for a reduction in single-use, single-serving plastic packaging.

The company reports that it has “significantly reduced” the amount of plastic in its packaging for many years, for example by eliminating detachable lids/caps, plastic spoons and straws from single-serving packages and by using thinner plastic in its packaging.

With the ‘Green Deal’ agreement, Valio claims it will commit to further reducing the use of plastic in its single-serving packaging.

Juhana Pilkama, head of packaging development for Valio, said: “Paperboard cups have been used in single-serving yoghurts since 2021. Going forward, all Valio PROfeel quark products will be packaged in recyclable paperboard cups. Valio’s goal is that by the end of 2025, all packaging will be suitable for a true circular economy, meaning that new products can be made from it. We are continuously developing our packaging so that it better aligns with the circular economy and reduces its climate impact. We have added plain-language recycling instructions to our packaging to make recycling as easy as possible for everyone.”

The ‘Green Deal’ agreement seeks solutions to climate challenges, biodiversity loss, overconsumption of natural resources and the promotion of the circular economy in Finland. The agreement is made between the government and business as well as public sector actors. The aim of the agreement is to jointly promote sustainable development goals on a voluntary basis without additional legislation.

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