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Toppan Adds Retortable Packaging to GL Barrier Lineup


Toppan has expanded its range of GL Barrier products centered on transparent barrier films by adding new polypropylene (PP) mono-material barrier packaging with heat and water resistance, making it suitable for retort sterilization.

The new packaging takes advantage of GL Barrier’s vapor deposition and coating technologies to provide the heat and water resistance needed for retort sterilization, something that has proved challenging with conventional PP films. This means that packaging with mono-material compositions for enhanced recyclability can now be used for retort foods. In addition, the absence of metal in the packaging enables microwave heating and the use of metal detectors to check for foreign objects.

This adds further to the lineup of GL BARRIER products that meet growing demand for mono-material solutions, particularly in Europe and North America. Toppan will supply ALL PP packaging to food manufacturers and customers in a wide range of other industries. Samples will be available globally from spring 2023, with sales targeted for launch within the same year.

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