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U.S. Consumers Can Buy Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in an Innovative Paperboard Bottle


Global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle announces that U.S. consumers can now get its popular Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in an innovative 90% paperboard bottle that is widely recyclable. The new paperboard bottle – holding 80 pieces of gum – is now available on special displays at more than 3,000 Walmart stores in the U.S.

Consumers will find recycling instructions on the unique paperboard bottle, using typical U.S. curbside services or local drop-off programs. It is the first-to-market Gum category product from a major global confectioner using this recyclable paperboard packaging.

When previewed to the U.S. retail and confectionery industry in mid-2021, the Mentos Gum paperboard bottle was immediately met with prestigious industry awards for innovation from the National Confectioners Association and from the International Association of Packaging Professionals. The package is specifically tailored for Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in a unique partnership between Perfetti Van Melle and Graphic Packaging International with its Boardio® technology designed to ensure the high Mentos standards for product safety and freshness.

“With this innovation, we are building not only on Perfetti Van Melle’s commitment to environmental responsibility but are also giving our U.S. retail customers and loyal consumers another strong reason to say ‘Yes to Fresh’ – offering their beloved Mentos Gum in a unique, new paperboard package,” said Craig Cuchra, Perfetti Van Melle Vice President of Marketing for the U.S. and Canada. “We’re thrilled that Walmart, with its commitment to helping people to live better, will help us reach Mentos Gum fans all over the U.S. as the new package option begins to make its way to consumers.”

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