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Bayer Issues Call for Renewable Consumer Healthcare Packaging

In Germany, pharmaceutical giant Bayer has issued a “packaging challenge” as it looks for more sustainable options for its plethora of products.

The company has tapped yet2, an open innovation services provider, to help in its search for biodegradable, compostable, or dissolvable packaging solutions derived from sustainable sources for products packaged in sachets and/or rigid or flexible tubing.

“Bayer’s consumer healthcare division has pharmaceutical, over-the-counter and nutritional product lines,” according to a press release. “While current packaging meets requirements for the protection of products, it frequently results in waste that does not break down when discarded and is not sourced from sustainable materials.”

Possible solution areas listed include seaweed extracts e.g., alginate; 0ther plant extracts e.g., starch, bagasse, cellulose, mycelium, chitosan; and agricultural waste. To be considered, materials must also meet stringent requirements for maintaining product potency and safety.

Interested parties can submit their solutions to bayerpackagingchallenge@yet2.com