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Food-packaging Company Inno-Pak Acquires Stalk Market


Food-packaging leader Inno-Pak announced its acquisition of Stalk Market, a manufacturer of cutting-edge compostable and eco-friendly packaging. The strategic move dramatically expands Inno-Pak’s ability to offer sustainable products throughout the Americas and serve the evolving needs of industries in which green packaging is increasingly paramount. Inno-Pak is now uniquely situated to remain leaders in an environment that prioritizes responsiveness, responsibility, and customer relationships. In addition to providing a vast selection of compostable cutlery, plates, bowls, trays, cups, straws, and containers, Inno-Pak will continue to develop intelligent solutions for the food service, grocery, and convenience markets.

“The acquisition of Stalk Market adds an exciting, comprehensive array of new eco-friendly products for our customers,” says Inno-Pak Chief Executive Officer Jon Sill. “Expanding our compostable product offering reinforces the commitment we have made to be the market leader in providing innovative, cost-effective, sustainable packaging solutions to the supermarket, C-store, and food service industries.”

Inno-Pak Chairman Chris Sanzone adds: “We are excited about the acquisition of Stalk Market. This enhances our overall innovative product offering. We are aggressively looking for complementary acquisitions in the sustainable space.”

Stalk Market founder Bret “Buzz” Chandler, who has spurned prior acquisition offers, says Inno-Pak represents a perfect fit with his company. “We have always believed that it is the staff that makes for a great company. We could see Inno-Pak shares the same values as Stalk in its commitment to its customers and quality line of products.” Chandler adds that his existing customers will see “an ever better selection of innovative products that are environmentally responsible via composting or recycling. One only has to look at the past history that both companies have had with innovative products.”

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