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Cans Connecting Customers Virtually Through Labels


A ground-breaking concept, enabling consumers and producers to connect through product packaging is rolling out to the alcoholic beverages industries, with breweries, cideries, seltzers & more set to benefit.

The suitably named, SWIGR, is an augmented reality platform, for alcohol brands to deliver a unique customer experience. At its core, the concept enables brands to ‘virtually link’ content to their packaging.

Smartphone users scan the packaging to activate a unique experience, which is brought to life with stunning augmented reality.

According to Dave Chaffey, founding partner, SWIGR enables beverage brands to deliver unique consumer experiences virtually, activating from cans and bottles, anywhere in the world. “It’s a stunning display, it really is. A lot of times, people just stare, trying to take it all in.”

  • consumers activate labels with their phones
  • augmented reality experiences hover virtually over the packaging
  • the experience promises authenticity, discovery, and real insights from every label
  • combining content and social media for a fly-on-the-wall experience

Aside from exciting customers, Chaffey said that building connections with customers had been a key driver of the brand uptake. “Right from the start, we’ve focused on answering the question what’s in it for the consumer?”, said Chaffey. “Discovering the story behind the drink – the people, places, processes – is a real winner. There are themes of authenticity, storytelling, connection, and a sense of realness, which matches the traits of the new digital savvy consumer. They worked well with Winerytale, (a similar concept, modified for the Wine Industry). We think there’s going to be some real wins for early adopters – virality in the short term, and a noticeable bump in sales in the medium term.”

SWIGR launched this month with fifty brands, from across the globe. The company is rolling out a second-round launch with another 50 brands in December.

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